Michaelmas Cay - Barrier Reef

Tue 31 May 2016 00:50

16:36.330S 145:58.341E

Sunday 29th May – Left Marlin Marina at 10.00am and motored out towards Michaelmas Cay on the Barrier Reef.  Wind picked up10-15 knots  and we sailed a lovely easy reach, picked up a public mooring ball,  put on wet suits and jumped into the crystal clear waters – this is definitely more like it.  We snorkelled to the tiny white sand island which is a protected nesting colony for Terns.  Extraordinary as Michaelmas Cay is a tourist trip destination so hundreds of people descend on it each day from Cairns and Port Douglas to sit on the tiny square of sand not occupied with nesting Terns.  The Terns seem quite happy with the arrangement and nest alongside all the visitors.  We swam ashore after the tourist boats had left and every bit of the tiny sand cay is covered with them except the area the tourists sit on.  A family of giant angel fish and 2 large grouper had taken up residence under Gaviota when we returned- we have our own aquarium. 

Next morning we discovered the unfortunate bi-product of anchoring off an island of Terns is a boat covered in SHIT!!!!!!

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