Nisyros to Astypalaia to Santorini to Ios to Milos

Thu 5 Aug 2010 17:54
36:43.392N 24:27.181E
5th August
Finally left Nisyros early on Wednesday, 28th July with patched sail and strong winds forecasted!  Sail held together and wind did a bit of everything, mostly sailed to windward, close hauled and managed to pass a 60 foot yacht!  Was'nt really racing!!  Arrived in good time at Astypalaia (36:34.481N 26:23.171E) and anchored in bay away from the town, were shortly joined by yacht we overtook, a couple from Belgium who were very impressed!!  Next day battled against the wind and cycled to the main town of Chora, a pretty little town with a castle on the top of the hill.  Left early Friday morning with more strong winds forecasted, wind came and went again but sailed most of the way and arrived in good time at Santorini (36:27.473N 25:23.261E), anchored in the famous caldera with the town of Oia perched high on the cliffs above.  Lisa took the bus from Oia to the main town of Thira.  Although the island was packed with tourists and cruise ships it is still breathtakingly beautiful.  Left Santorini Sunday morning and did a short sail to the island of Ios (36:42.874N 25:16.738E), a slow beat but managed to sail, anchored in a lovely bay close to the main town of Chora (yet again!!) Walked around the town which has lots of bars but nothing much opens 'til 2.00 am, it is on the backpacking party all night sleep all day trail.  Left Ios early Monday morning and did a fast  55 mile sail to Milos, as we entered the islands surrounding Milos winds were gusting up to 30 knots (not great with a dodgy sail), had to put in 2 reefs and survived intact.  Still currently in Milos, anchored in the bay near the town of Adamas as the winds have completely died, sea like glass, the meltemi is on holiday!  Lovely island, very few tourists and the ones that are here are either Greek or Italian.  Milos claim to fame is it is the island where the famous statue of Aphrodite was dug up by a farmer in 1820, the statue is now probably the most famous statue in the world Venus de Milo and is in the Louvre in Paris.  It is a large island which has a thriving mining industry so is'nt reliant on tourists.  The scenery is unusual and lots of beautiful sandy beaches.