24 hours so far

Sat 3 Jan 2009 16:47
20:50.401N 64:09.007
Position at 0900 local time (1300 gmt) 24 hours out and 146 miles through the water... but not going where I hoped!
What a difference a day makes... yesterday sunbathing day and a good breeze to bobble along with ... but in the night it all  changed ... A tropical wave (trough to you and me) moved across ... obliterated the moon and stars and brought rain squalls with it ... just as well I got some early sleep ... wind changed direction by 50 degrees .. and back .. at times not enough wind to steer .. in the gusts crashing along , blinded by the rain but managing to do 7 to 8 knots in a dead flat sea! This morning grey and slightly better but it now looks to have settled down again, so now making 6 to 7 knots but due north .. not the plan at all ... but I have to go north to get the westerlies so a few more days of this yet.
Oh yes and the temp plummeted, even inside the boat and its midday its only26 degrees, outside in the wind and (mainly) light rain it feels much colder ... So wearing the musto trousers all the time on deck plus the thin white anorack to keep the rain off!