Alor to North Hading Bay, Flores

Wed 10 Aug 2016 09:43
008:13.74S 122:46.00E

Decision as to ‘should we stay or should we go’ was made when I tried to book diving for the next day and everywhere was full so it was off and away next morning.  Surprisingly we picked up wind when we left the bays of Alor and got the sails out to sail a lovely reach along the coast on relatively flat seas.  We carried on through the night with sail changes and a bit of motoring and reached Flores early the next morning.  We dropped anchor at the first anchorage Gedong and were very happy to jump into a crystal clear very warm sea with some nice corals.  After a swim we moved on as there was still a bit of wind and we made it to the next anchorage North Hading Bay which was a beautiful deserted white sand beach with lovely clear sea and good snorkelling.

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