On to Tobago Cays

Sat 8 Mar 2008 23:35
12.38N   61.21W
Sunday 24th Feb   ...  just a bit late  ... We now have to keep moving north east ... almost to windward ... as lots of small places to see ... and want to be back in St Lucia with time to spare before Paul and Rachael come out on  6th of March ... Its only about 100 miles but we don't want to rush ... So off we go  to Mayreau ... a grand total of 5 miles so no rush .. Annabel helmed virtually the whole way ... to WINDWARD!!!! ... So arrived in time for a walk on the beach .... which had lots of open sided but palm leaf roofed huts ... barbeque areas ... and the whole beach right through all the palms, was brushed and manicured ... very strange ... as all there was on this island was a rather run down village, a hill and a swamp for the local mozzie population to flourish.
Had the normal swim and then planned to get off first thing in the morning to Tobago Cays (just round the other  (Atlantic ) side of the island). (ie leave before noon!!!!)
Mon 25th  .. So we manage to surface by 9 am ..look out and see a cruise ship moored further out in the bay ... and ferrying people to the beach ... Now we knew why the beach was so immaculate! ... So off we go (still  just not afternoon) and sail under genoa alone round the island but inside the reefs until it`s just too narrow to tack and then motored the last couple of miles .. (5 miles in total ) wind dropped to 15 knots so by 2.30 pm dropped the hook in a very crowded bay and went off snorkelling .... Just as well we did .... Next morning the wind was back over 20 knots and really too rough for snorkelling ... But we got some great entertainment instead..... A  Canadian catamaran decided to sail out of the middle of the anchorage  ... a very bad idea!!!   He had his dagger board down to make to wind ...  and tangled it up with the anchor chain of an anchored yacht .. so the poor people on the yacht were hooked like a fish and as the cat kept sailing on the yacht just accelerated as it was pulled into the back of the cat ... much shouting and .. the two boats looked as though they were in love .. over an hour later they were eventually prised apart and with only superficial damage! ....Time to leave (we were planning another night).. So on to Bequia after deciding that Mustique was too expensive an anchorage and not really much to offer except just to have been there!