Sat 24 Apr 2010 18:07
36:33.306N 29:04.020E
Saturday 24th April 2010
Left Fethiye Thursday morning with the intention of heading to Olu Deniz but winds dictated otherwise and ended up back at 12 islands mooring at Kapi Creek a lovely sheltered narrow bay with a restaurant and proper jetty, suprisingly there were a lot of other boats there and discovered that the weekend was a Turkish holiday (Parliament Day?)  On Friday walked over to Seagull Bay the next bay round and ended up spending a second night at Kapi Creek with the rest of the revellers from Istanbul who were sinking vast quantities of Jack Daniels and Jim Beam (not sure what happened to the Muslem no drinking policy!).  Left Saturday morning and in very little wind sailed towards Olu Deniz, arrived and moored off St. Nicholas Island (reputedly the real home of Santa Claus - all those years I thought he lived at the North Pole!) The Island consists of ruins of a Byzantine church and settlement which is surrounded by crystal clear sea which unfortunately has become the playground for the jet-skis and gulets from nearby Olu Deniz.