tunisia stop 2

Tue 4 Aug 2009 16:17
37:10.50N 10:16.02E
Just sailed along the coast to the next headland. Typical- the forecast was saying 15 to 29 knots and most of the time it was under 10!
However now here and tucked under a high headland similar shape to gibraltar but not as high, and now the wind is coming round strongly from the south east ... supposed to be north to north east ... but as the sea is so flat - to the east it is very shallow - there is very little motion but with gusts up to 30knots I`ve not been too keen to leave the boat for any length of time... so its swim ... beach ( and I`ve anchored off a tiny beach between the rocks so most of the time I have it to myself) relax eat swim again and the sea is hotter here ... over 25 degrees so I am enjoying and recovering from too many pills ...  not had any painkillers for a few days and the antibiotic dose finished this morning. (and I reckon was making me feel all I wanted to do was sleep!)
So while Bizerte was a lively and interesting and very old town. The market for fish and veg was incredible... but with the tooth, I have hardly eaten anything fresh food till today so thought it a waste of money to buy stuff yet. Tooth now pretty much ok .. if I deliberately pressure it I know its there but thats all. I definately prefer the wild open places like here!
Hopefully the wind will calm down a bit tomorrow and I can go exploring the local wilderness of bushes and trees and I think an old fort and a holiday resort on the horizon (wont go that far though!)