Fri 23 Jan 2009 11:05
36:29.501N 15:45.212W
At 1000 local time (1000 gmt)  distance run in last 24 hours 164miles
Still grey and grotty with rain at times .. but we have now passed the 3000 mile mark since leaving Great Dog Island and I reckon we are about half way between the Azores and Gibraltar.
Sailing; well for today anyway just keep on on the same gybe closing down the miles ... WeaTher forecast has major gales in Biscay spreading as far south as the Azores ... So I am definately glad I didnt head that extra bit north to get to them! ... but winds here at 18 to 20 knots so just carried on with 2 reefs and a bit rolled in the genny. It wasnt til well after dark that it managed to get up to 30 knots .. but by the time I had my kit on and got on deck it settled back to 20 to 25 knots .. so just rolled a bit more genny in and headed on through a very murky night. At one time when I poked my head out I could see stars (only once!) and the big one from Aruba was still there behind me ... but much lower and losing its brightness ... it must think the same about side of the ocean!
There is a big swell running .. and has been the last few days ... about 11 to12 seconds between each one  .. so it really is up and down the valleys!
At dawn, just now, gybed onto the other tack (so now on starboard tack) to go back across the rumb line before we do it all again in a day or so .... if the wind would only be 20 degrees in either direction from where it is now (due west) I could sail straight there!