13 dec 0830 local

Sat 13 Dec 2008 13:56
16:08.232N 68:13.593W
Bit more varied today wind from 5 knots - ugh to 20 knots (apparent) -good.. and got through the worst of the current swishing us east down to panama at about 2 knots (wrong way!) ... so suddenly our actual course looks more hopefull even though wind direction not changed- yet. Couple of squalls .. not bad wind in them only up to 26 knots so first one reefed down but shouldnt have bothered ... so second one sailed through it - great except couldnt open my eyes because it was raining so hard! At least my clothes got thoroughly washed ... Just removed the lot to dry them and me!
Met fred again this morning... he jumped onto my back and tried to leap upstairs, missed and landed in the sink .... Sides too slippery for him so had to coax him out .. next time I came back down he had dissappeared.