Portland Roads to Shelburn Bay

Thu 23 Jun 2016 03:51

11:53.730S 143:05.420E

Left Portland Roads Sunday, 19th June and it was a beautiful morning, we put the 2 genoas out and a lovely 15-20 knot South Easterly blew.  The reef system is now getting more and more dense and we are a lot of the time in the main shipping channel so the hazard of huge tankers and container ships is constant so it was a lot of altering course and keeping watch.  We maintained a good speed and decided to press on a bit further than planned, passing through the channel between Cape Grenville and the Home Islands (totally remote and stunning with another luxury resort!).  The sun shone and the wind dropped which made the last 3 miles hard work but we arrived and anchored off Round Point in Shelburne Bay.  Next stop Escape River and then Cape York – the most Northerly point of Queensland.