Wed 21 Jan 2009 11:08
35:19.681N 22:20.424W
At 1000 local time (1100 gmt)  distance run in last 24 hours 114 miles
not a very good day! (barometer still unchanged)
The day started overcast with a little wind that shifted about ... broad reach then close hauled then inbetween and settled on a light breeze and a close reach but by 1500 hours we were down to 2 knots after struggling and following the wind by 1630  down to 2,5 knots of wind was riduculous ... so on went the engine ... had another go at sailing around 1730 but the breeze petered out in 15 mins ... so engine on and noted wind speeds of .9 to 1.2 knots ... from "toutes directions."
About 21.30 stopped the propellor and decided yes there was wind from almost dead asteern , so swing into, maimsail back up, then try course again ... Which would have the wind exactly astern so set off at 115degree true (south of what I want) get genny half out but not going to set it on the pole .. all this may change in the next hour ... but it didnt .. just slowly picked up so now due west wind blowing at 20 ish knots and us doing 7.5 knots about 25 degrees away from where wwe want.... and thats the way it went for the rest of the night. With the dawn got up gybed, poled out the genny  and now heading about 25 degree north of course.... known as tacking down wind. ... could have gone straight there with 2 gennys up though!