CAP BON 5th Aug 09

Wed 5 Aug 2009 18:41
37:02.45N 11:04.12E  Just over 40 miles.
sailed straight across the bay of Tunis today, round Cap bon to a little place called Ras Ed Drek 2.5 miles round the headland. The significance of Cap Bon is it marks the Eastern most point of the North coast of Tunisia and the end of the mountains ... from here on flatter and more quickly into desert. Oh and this place obvioously has no mobile access ... its pretty small and the harbour would take boats of no more than 1 metre draught!
The wind was right ... it was just blowing round the backside of the last headland I was anchored at ... so once clear of the headland we had about 15 knots of wind on a close fetch (between beating and reaching) for most of the way ... so an easy and fast sail ... knocking on at 7 to 8 knots most of the day.
This anchorage is really sheltered from the wind direction we have now so hope to do some exploring ashore tomorrow (my luck and the wind will swing round and I will have to move anyway!!).
Tunisia is supposed to have lots of marine life ... and I have seen a lot of fishing boats .. but as yet not a single fish on any swim Iv had here.... But I did see 1 Dolphin.... which in itself is unusual ... they usually travel in company! ... I think Im going to rename the Med the "Dead" sea