Onwards, at last

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Wed 31 Jul 2013 22:10
We got away to a good start this time and made 150 miles in the first 24 hours in light winds and calm seas.  Weather conditions have been more difficult since but we are still making satisfactory progress.  We are now, three days out on Wednesday evening, about 450 miles north-west of Mindelo.
We cannot see Google Maps when at sea but I calculated that at about 0430 today we crossed our outbound track and completed the loop of our circumnavigation near 21°N, 29°W.  This has subsequently been confirmed by kind friends ashore.  We are currently hard on the wind in Force 5 – 6 so cannot really celebrate or even think deeply and reflectively; we use too much energy just hanging on.  Suffice to say there is on board JJ Moon a sense of great satisfaction.  Now we must work on getting back safely to Dartmouth.
We are having to head somewhat west of the rhumb line but hope that when we get further north the winds will free us to head for Horta.  Should the wind fail completely under the influence of the Azores high, we have plenty of fuel.