Banda - Photos

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Sat 5 Sep 2009 10:20
Banda - a definite highlight - Photo Album
From the water - a colonial style houseThe main street again showing the colonial influence
1. From the water an attractive colonial style house
2, The street leading into town shows the colonial influence.
The more colourful Asian side to Banda
Banda showing the more colourful Asian side
Boat building - a racing canoeVisiting the old fort 4 lads looking down on us
1. On our visit to the nutmeg plantation we inspected some boat building at the entrance to the village.  This picture shows a smart racing canoe.
2. High on the hillside was the old fort and we were accompanied by many children as ever along with these four little monkeys!
Nutmeg and maceThe fresh nutmeg
1. Nutmegs and mace drying
2. Opening the fruit to reveal the nutmeg with the mace around
Visiting the nutmeg plantation - along with the village chioldrenAny spot can be used to hang your washing
1. Visiting the nutmeg plantation along with the village children
2. Now that's a novel place to hang one's washing
Lunch time
Lunch time for these two tots sitting amidst the boat building wood
Back at the quay
At the quay
Our local Banda volcano
The volcano