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Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Tue 20 Oct 2009 11:29
Bali - Photo Album (2)
The ultimate photos of paddy fields!
The paddy fields in their brilliant greens are there to tempt every photographer.  Even having taken and discarded tens of photos I still need to go back and take some more.  I haven't quite got that ultimate photo yet!
Crossing the paddy fields
Crossing the paddy fields
Young shootsTerraces
Young shoots
Hard labourBut time to stop and watch the photographers
Hard labour but beautiful scenes
A visit to the butterfly park
En route to another temple we stopped at a butterfly park.  Again we were surprised by the magnificent specimens and the other strange insects there.  It was worth the visit.
On entry this butterfly immediately posed for meMating.. and they do it for 8 hours
See that insect.  A scorpion-like leaf insect
At the butterfly farm
And another temple
On the lakeside
Ulun Danu, appears to rise out of waters of Lake Bratan.


Other beasts
An Iguana ready to holdBarry takes the plunge
An enterprising fellow had set up a wayside stall where you could stop to hold his iguana, snake and fruit bats.  We did.
And back to boats
Balinese fishing boats
Just before flying back to Lombok we eat at a fish restaurant on the beach overlooking this fleet of Balinese fishing boats.