Ile des Pins - photos

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Sat 11 Oct 2008 22:27
On our trip down to the Ile des Pins we sailed through a "storm of birds".  There were thousands and we could find no real answer to where they were going or why.
A storm of birds
A storm of birds?
The Isle of Pines is certainly very beautiful and when the sun shines the colours in the water are spectacular.
Shore line showing typical pines

Shore line showing the pines.

An arcade of trees
Trees forming an arcade heading past the beach were rather unusual. 
The church at Vao
The church at Vao
Vao was the main village on the island.  There was not really much there; two small shops, a school, the mairie, a small market twice a week and this rather spectacular church surrounded by the soaring pines.
The jail
What remains of the jail from the 1800s.
The island was used until 1920 as a penal colany.  The jail looks a miserable place to be incarcerated particularly when you know the beauty of the island you are on.  Now the grounds simply had one or two cows tethered.
A pirogue
A pirogue (large outrigger canoe) 
A typical island scene

An island scene

An even bigger pirogue
A pirogue being "serviced" with the colours of the island behind.