The Season of good will

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Sat 31 Dec 2011 11:00
1000 and I have just finished the washing up.  JJ Moon hosted a supper party for six last night.  The chef surpassed herself, the guests appeared relaxed and were excellent company and this ship’s company feels in the pink this morning.  The season is not yet over - we must recover quickly and be in the mood tonight for a New Year’s Eve party organised by the marina.
We are more than ever glad that we made it back to Rebak for Christmas.  It has been very good here.  Many boats have been dressed overall in Christmas lights and everybody on the island has made considerable efforts to create a festive atmosphere.  On Christmas Eve more than 100 yachties got together for ”pot luck”, to sing carols and spend a family time together with some brave souls doing a “turn”.  I quietened the nerves sufficiently to render a couple of Stanley Holloway’s “Old Sam” monologues, which fortunately were well received.  By contrast, a really class act was provided by a blues singer on classical guitar accompanied by a tenor sax. – excellent entertainment by any standard.  Another large group, mainly non-English speakers, met for a meal at the hotel.  Christmas Day lunch was at the resort restaurant and they put on a wonderful spread, more carols were sung and Father Christmas came around with a handful of sweets for each table.  Again, it was a very convivial time and as near as one could hope to being amongst family.
Those boats up in Phuket were not so fortunate.  Quite a few got together in supposedly protected anchorages for beach barbecues and collective celebrations.  But the winds blew a hoolie, the swell rolled in and everybody was tossed miserably about.  Mags bumped into an American friend in the laundry here.  She had just returned to Rebak and Christmas in Phuket had proved the last straw.  They couldn’t get off the boat for two days, they missed their family who had travelled to be with them and now they are giving up, selling the boat and flying home.  In many ways this is an idyllic place with a relaxing atmosphere and seductive attractions but beneath the surface lie seething passions.  There is an increasing number of boats for sale and a good deal of uncertainty and anxiety, much of it probably triggered by the effective closing of the Red Sea by the pirates.  One skipper died while we were in Phuket, which was a sad shock to us all.  His widow and son have brought their boat back to Rebak while they think about the best place for a sale.
We shall probably be leaving here for the Boat Lagoon in Phuket towards the end of the week.  We hope to get our refurbished bow thruster motor fitted and the new generator installed.  Then, on our return we must give urgent consideration to the next stage.
When last we were in the Phuket we were approached by the representative of an international yacht broker saying that he had a buyer ready to pay very good money for a boat like ours.  Mags saw him off, once she had safely tucked his card into her pocket, but........a bit unsettling?

m_Mazrizal Xmas 2011m_Rebak Christmas 2011

Mazrizal Othman our marina manager in the spirit of the season distributing a small present to each crew member.
Three in the crew of JJ Moon over Christmas