Marina Taina, Tahiti

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Wed 29 Aug 2007 08:12
We are still here, waiting for parts. The new chart plotting programme disc for Vista is said to be with the harbour master and we shall go to find it this afternoon. The windlass parts are reputedly still being cleared through customs.  "Have patience, fleas........!"

We fired up the water damaged computer this morning, just to see whether it was deteriorating in its case at the bottom of the shower compartment.  Away it went – as good as gold.  It opened up at the screen showing the chart position where it received its little dollop of sea water.  "Ironical", as they say, that it should recover on the very day that we get the new computer up and running. 

Not much news but here are some pictures:

The view from our boat. Sunset over MooreaFishermen apparently walk on water in these parts

The reef in front of our boat provides a protected anchorage for many.  This is sunset over Moorea. 

It also offers many chances of amusement from snorkelling and diving, surfing, surf riding and acrobatics by jet skis (frightening) as well as the simple pleasure of fishing.  The right hand picture shows a man apparently walking on water as he crosses the reef, fishing I believe, not very far from where we are motoring home after a dive.

The old computer registering exactly where the wave hit it.

Again this photo is not easy to see but it relates the small miracle of our defunct computer coming to life again and plainly shows the chart and the position where the drop of water that entered the cabin, and we thought wrote off the lap-top, was delivered, on June 4th 2007.