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JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Sun 8 Feb 2009 05:06
From NZ to Europe
First stop Auckland
First stop was Auckland where we spent a pleasant day touring the harbour and visiting the maritime museum.
An autumn day in Surrey
Back home we visited old haunts and friends and relatives in Surrey.  These are beautiful Autumn tints on Box Hill.
Birthday celebrations included a walk along the canal tow path
Barry leads the pack along the tow path of the Kennet and Avon canal near Bath on his birthday celebration weekend.
Mighty Wells cathedral
Perhaps it was because we had so recently come from New Zealand where historic buildings date back only as far as 1800s, but we were awe-struck on a visit to Wells Cathedral which was dedicated in 1239.   Not only is one amazed at the construction but it is still wonderfully busy and alive.
The famous scissor arches, Wells Cathedral.Vicar's Close, Wells
1. The amazing scissor arches under the central tower. They were designed in 1338 by the master mason William Joy to help take the weight of the tower that was starting to crack due to extra building work in 1313.

2. Vicar's Close, a street of picturesque 14th century houses originally built to house the cathedral clergy.  It is claimed to be the oldest complete street of its kind in Europe.
Our French house under early snow.
We had a quick visit to France to see friends and do some administration.  There had been an early snow fall and this is a picture of my house when I went to visit.
Rugby under 10s.Spectators at the under 10 Harpenden rugby
On our return to British soil Barry could not be kept away from the Harpenden under 10s rugby.
  It was fearfully cold and muddy but that's English rugby for you.