Labuan Bajo - Photos

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Mon 28 Sep 2009 09:25
Labuan Bajo - Photo Album
Watch out, here they come.
Chug chug, watch out, a boat boy approaches.
But good work is given and we get filled up with diesel.And we become good friends
However we are more than satisfied with the service that Ben and Adal gave us.  They fetched us 400 litres of diesel and did all the manual work including pouring in the fuel using our rather slow filter.  Having used them to supply diesel as well as for a taxi service we became good friends and here we see Adal, Ben and Papa Barry.  We bought 3 magnificent dragons from them as well as exchange English/Indonesian lessons.
Our dragons
Here are our dragons, two boot polished and one au naturel.  This is the one that Ben carved in front of us.
Muddy shore
Visiting the restaurant ashore, the Eco Lodge, was an adventure in itself.  When the tide went out it was almost impossible as the mud was the sort that sucked you under.  Nevertheless the food was good and they even took our rubbish and promised it would be destroyed correctly and not thrown back into the sea so we felt it worth the difficulties.  Ian and Lesley from Tapestry give us a lift to limit the number of dighies to be dragged up and down the beach.