Moving along but still in Bath

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Sat 21 Aug 2010 13:04
For the last few months we have been enjoying a medical sabbatical.  Barry has undergone seven weeks of radiotherapy for prostate cancer which we hope has "done the trick".  The treatment was not too debilitating and the prognosis is encouraging.  Once that was out of the way he set about getting a hip replacement.  The operation was performed six weeks ago and he is progressing by leaps and bounds; we can begin to think about rejoining the boat.
Barry with his best leg forward!
Barry with his best leg forward!
JJ Moon is safely moored in Rebak Marina, Malaysia and we have had some reports from friends whose boat is tied up alongside.  Our floating home hasn't sunk! 
Having spent four months in Troubadour's very gracious flat in the Royal Crescent, Bath it was time to move into our own place.  Both our properties are well let and we didn't want to disturb the tenants so we have taken a small flat on the edge of the city for six months.  Bath is certainly a great place to have landed up in.  It seems to have it all: many lovely buildings; small and compact; a university town; a tourist delight and our small flat is only two minutes from local shops and five minutes from rolling hills looking down over the city.
The Old Brewhouse
The Old Brewhouse, our current residence.
Bath is also the home of Merril and Roger, our oldest friends.  They have appeared in the blog before when they visited us in New Zealand.  Roger has challenged Mags into practicing a bit more golf.  She has also found a nice place to play tennis.  Very English!  Two hours for eight ladies with a coach and tea and biscuits half way through.  The only problem is that she hasn't been able to make the most of the opportunity as she has developed a frozen shoulder which manifests itself most when playing tennis.   She has also found congenial company and a lively atmosphere at St Michael's church in the city centre.
One of the best aspects of the little flat from Mags's point of view is the tiny patio.  A hanging basket or two to water each day seems to add something necessary to her life - not totally understood by Barry but the patio's merits are enjoyed by both.  We have both enjoyed the great television coverage of sport: Wimbledon, World Cup, European games, Golf Open and cricket.  We also found the election week more exciting than a thriller!  But of course not having had a TV for four years we probably overdo this aspect of being on land. 
One of Mags's hanging baskets
One of Mags's hanging baskets
Our plan is to return to JJ Moon mid-October.  And then.....
There are three options.  One is to stay on longer in the Malaysia/Thailand area as we really have not been there on the boat for any length of time.  The second choice is to prolong the voyage and return home via South Africa.  The third is to brave the Red Sea (along with other sailors) and get JJ Moon home to Turkey.  This last option seems to be the one we are most likely to take.
In the meantime Barry is working at getting fully fit and Mags has planned another trip to France and then a speedy visit to a friend in Holland.   There is also the Southampton boat show in September that we hope to visit to keep up to date, see friends, buy things(!) and generally enjoy.
Up on the hills 5 minutes from our flat.
Just five minutes from our flat up in the fields overlooking Bath.
Overlooking Weston, Bath
Looking down to the village of Weston, Bath.
The Cotswold Way passes through the village of Weston and up over the hills one can see in the distance in this photo.
Lions in Bath
Among the tourist attractions in Bath this Summer are artistically painted lions.  These were initially launched at the Royal Crescent hotel while we were still living in the Royal Crescent.  They are a great attraction and it is fun to find them all over the city and even outside Bath.  This is one of the gaudier models.