To Bath

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Mon 19 Apr 2010 12:20
And so to Bath...
Our very generous sailing friends Annabelle and Stuart from Troubador have lent us their gorgeous flat in Royal Crescent, Bath for the first few months of the year.  Barry has been strongly pressed by Stuart to get his hip done.  "You're crippled man"!   The first task though is to complete the course of radiotherapy for his prostate cancer and we have been told that the prognosis is fairly good.  Our flat could not be more convenient for his daily hospital visits and we are truly grateful.
Bath is a wonderful place to stay, whatever the weather.
Pictures from Bath
Early January and Bath was cold and snowy
Bath Abbey early January - our first day.  There is hardly anybody else in town.
The Royal Crescent.  Snowmen on the front lawn.
Royal Crescent.  Snowmen decorate our front lawn!
Sun setting on The Circus
Sun lighting the roofs in The Circus, Bath.
The Royal Crescent
 Royal Crescent.  Our front door is the last on the left
Our old Merc. back on the road
Our Mercedes 500 SL back on the road.
The car has been stored for the last three years at Baltic Wharf in Totnes.  We were undecided whether to try and get it back on the road or buy an old banger.  A chance meeting through Totnes friends introduced us to Louay, a shipwright who works on vintage cars in his spare time.  It was an easy decision to ask him to get the Merc. on the road and through the MOT.  He did a great job.