Cocos Keeling Photos

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Tue 9 Oct 2012 15:11
Cocos Keeling Photos
An idyllic beach scene from Cocos
The Sri Lankans and others risk their lives in these terrible boats, at high prices, seeking a better life in Australia.
m_Cocos Immigrant Boat
Another one arrives carrying, we understand, 70 more illegal immigrants.  The Australian authorities seem to take it in their stride and they are off-loaded and sent to camps on Christmas Island very speedily.
One of Jim’s first jobs was to add our mark to the tree with other cruisers’ mementos.


After commencing our passage to Rodrigues we had to turn back as something was broken in our genoa furler.  Photo one shows the broken piece that was ripping our sail.  Photo 2 shows Jim hoisted up the forestay repairing the break and photo 3 shows what other members of the crew were up to at the time.