Back on board

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Sun 5 Nov 2006 12:00
 I came back to the boat on 26 October and after all my efforts of the last 3 months needed a few days to relax.  Barry had been on board already for 10 days, some of this time with our engineer friend Bill installing the Hydrovane self-steering gear and doing other useful jobs.
My French neighbour Michele had recently visited Barcelona and was very enthusiastic about the town.  Her advice was to take a tourist bus which shows you the sights and allows you to alight to visit different places in your own time.  So on the Saturday after my arrival Barry and I took the train into Barcelona and found the bus,  It was excellent advice and we got tickets and boarded.  We had just found seats on the open upper deck when Barry felt for his wallet only to find it gone.  There was little point leaving the bus as we were now out of the main part of town so with heavy hearts and worried minds we continued the tour and tried to enjoy as much as we could without thinking too much of the consequences of the loss.  We alighted where we had started, took the next train back to the boat and phoned up to cancel the cards.  Relief.  The cards were cancelled and no-one had tried to use them.  But what a way to start a 3 year world trip!
On the other hand I have a new pride and joy and that is my Brompton folding bike.  It is of course for both of us but since I am the one who does most of the shopping and as I am also the enthusiast I refer to it as my bike.  It has "changed the colour of the world" for me.  No longer do I feel oppressed at the thought of shopping.  It also opens up new roads and just for the pleasure I have taken little excursions.  I feel like a schoolgirl again!  I have to thank Barry's son Glyn and his wife Katy for their perseverence in finding a shop where I could buy one after my efforts in London had failed to locate a shop which actually had any of these highly sort after bikes in stock.
Well we needed to get going, cut the ties, so, on Wednesday 1 November 2006 we set sail for Santa Eulalia on Ibiza.  It was a so-so trip.  In many ways neither of us was really enthusiastic and we were both very tired at the end.  We came into Santa Eulalia, berthed and that evening revisited an excellent restaurant, La Naranjo, we had been introduced to in 2003.  It was still as good.  We began to perk up.
The weather has been miserable with fairly strong winds and grey ominous skies.  Not the sort of conditions conducive to living on a sailing boat.  We have turned our boat heater on now two evenings running and have been pleased with the effect.
Yesterday, Saturday, we had planned to leave but I begged to stay another day.  As it turned out we had another nasty occurrence as the marina's mooring line snapped and our new self-steering gear nudged the concrete quay.  Luckily we were both on board and could immediately prevent more damage.  With the help of the marina staff we re-berthed on another line and then checked the Hydrovane.  It appears that 2 pins have been bent but we hope that is the only damage.  Today Barry has managed to get both of them out with considerable difficulty and is comfortable that there is no lasting damage.  We haven't even used the gear yet!
Today, Sunday, we decided to leave and went to the office to pay only to find it is closed on Sundays!  Well I'm not too miserable to stay yet another day and now we have decided to do one big hop to Gibraltar and the weather is becoming more pleasant.  We are taking the opportunity to update our website and start our diary.