Photos from The Galapagos Islands

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Sat 23 Jun 2007 02:46
The Galapagos Islands are rich in birds, animals and reptiles and the sea teems with life.   We are about to set sail on our ocean crossing and Barry has recently been wearing his engineer's hat repairing pumps, water makers, generator and deblocking loos!  He will take up his pen again to describe our Galapagos experience in the many days ahead of us crossing the Pacific.  We hope his engineering skills will not be required for much of that time.  So before leaving a fast internet connection we are loading some photos to show the colour of the islands and the writing will come later.
A neighbouring fishing boat.  But there is a tale to tell.Pelicans abound and here's one giving us a welcome.
In search of giant tortoises we found them, descended into a lava tube that run through the islands, saw many birds and enjoyed the views.  Our guide was a real enthusiast and gave us a lot of information not only on the flora and fauna but life on the islands.
Found! Our first giant tortoise.And more enjoying a mud bath.
And the birds!  There is one bird missing that I would have liked very much to photograph.  This is the blue footed Boobie.  I finally saw and identified them and their blue feet when taking the water taxi to shore.  Since they tuck their feet up when flying you have to be lucky to catch a glimpse but they are truly blue.  Their other spectacular feature is their formation flying along with their dive bomb approach to fishing.  I could watch them for hours.
Vermillion fly catcher.Galapagos DoveA Mocking Bird.
Down a lava tube and up to the top of the island of Santa Cruz.
Lava tube.Beautiful view.
Looking crumpled (un-ironed) but nonetheless happy.Our guide enthusiastically pointing out the sites to Ross and Sue of Y-Not.
Land Iguana.Just a friendly "not sure what".
Sea shore life.
Seals borrowing a boat for their siesta.A Heron watches a  Frigate bird swoop to steal the Pelican's dinner.
Typical red crab of which there are millions.
Last night celebrations before the Pacific crossing and to celebrate a birthday.
A birthday meal.