Christmas interlude

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Wed 26 Mar 2008 23:42
Sydney here we come.
Flying into Sydney
We visited Sydney for just 6 days on our way back to Europe.  We were particularly lucky to have friends Richard and Norrey and daughter Joanna from Geneva resident on their Fairline Squadron Caspar and we joined them for Boxing Day.  Many people in Sydney man boats to see the start of the Sydney to Hobart race.  What a day!  The thrill of being on Caspar - a very different experience to JJMoon - the pleasure of joining friends from back home and real Aussies, a tremendous lunch with a mountain of prawns, and of course the excitement of the race.  A day to remember.
Caspar, awaiting the party for Boxing Day
Rough seas but only due to the boat traffic.
The mighty Wild Oats leads Leopard of London out through the Heads.  The yachts are sailing in smooth water but the spectator fleet churns the Tasman into a maelstrom.
Besides that we walked Sydney, visited the botannical gardens, took a ferry ride to Manly beach, and had a most pleasurable visit to semi-relatives known through Barry's Scottish step-mother. 
Sydney harbour bridge.
The opera house

White ibis


Mocking bird

A white ibis, of which there are many around Sydney


A mocking bird.  I've read about them, sung about them, but never seen one before. 

Fruit bats
Walking in the botannical gardens we were amazed at the noise until we found ourselves under a huge number of fruit bats roosting in the trees.  It was a remarkable sight and they made an astonishing row.  They are regarded as a great nuisance by the locals.