Havannah Harbour - photos

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Wed 6 Aug 2008 06:26
After leaving Port Vila we spent the night and next day at Sema Bay, Havannah Harbour.   We met up with a few old friends here including John and Jenny from Ondarina.  Mags went with them to explore the mainland just behind the mangroves.  We had been surprised to find that we were moored in what appeared to be the main channel for rush hour canoes.  The people live on the island but grow their vegetables on the mainland and each morning and evening they would pass on their way to and from their work with friendly waves.
The main parking lot.
A makeshift sail to ease the paddling home.
Father and daughter set off hoping to catch the wind with their makeshift sail.
All aboard with the wheel barrow
Home with the wheel barrow on board.
Preparing to go to market
Collecting together the vegetables, fruit and wood for next day's market.
Jenny and Mags exploring.
Mags and Jenny following the trail back to find the dinghy.