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JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Mon 28 Sep 2009 09:30
Rinca - Photo Album
Komodo National ParkIrwan our guide with the stick to save us from dragons
Entrance to Komodo National Park.  We take the short walk with our guide Irwan who is on work assignment from school.  His English was good and he was helpful and informative and he carried the pole to protect us.
A Komodo dragon "sniffing"!
The dragons actually smell with their tongues so here we see one sniffing.
Under the rangers' kitchen they snooze.And another one
One is sure to find a few dragons under the kitchen area and they appear nice and somnolent here but one gets disturbed and decides to take a walk so stand back.
A fruit bat,A water buffalo - dragon food
Two other animals we met on our walk were a fruit bat and a water buffalo.  The buffalos can provide a good meal for the dragons.  If they get bitten by a dragon they slowly succumb to the bacteria in the dragon's saliva and die.  Then the dragons have a feast.  This all seems very sad as the buffalos are quite appealing and the dragons not at all.