To Gibraltar

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Fri 10 Nov 2006 18:53
Despite very wet weather in Santa Eulalia, or perhaps because of it, we didn't want to leave and having postponed our departure we decided to do a three night hop straight to Gibraltar.  The whole journey was fine - a mixture of fair winds from astern and some quiet patches.  We tested out the Hydrovane and are pleased with the results.  It seems to work!  And without too much hassle.  Over the three nights we each had a worrying time during one of our watches.  Barry had a cargo ship that headed first to pass us to port, then to starboard and back again.  It was very difficult to know what it was up to.  Barry thinks it was looking for a place to anchor but it kept him on his toes for a while.   Mags had a terrible fright when a large trawler headed at break-neck speed straight out from the coast in front of her.  Trying to dodge with all sails set and without an involuntary gybe left her with knees knocking and a renewed horror of fishing boats.  She now loves the large solid ferries and cruise ships that at least are steady in their direction, dangerous though they could be.
The last night was spent in trying to slow down!  If we hadn't we would have arrived in Gib. at about 5:00 am.  It was very impressive coming up to the rock with large gas tankers blazing with lights and the rock rearing dark behind.  We eventually came in at around 8:00 am and pottered around waiting for marina offices to open.  We found a berth in Queensway Quay Marina which is beautifully placed near the town, has a very nice atmosphere, friendly, pleasant staff, a great restaurant on the front, and a laundry just round the corner.  In fact we are lacking for nuffin' at present.