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Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Thu 24 Sep 2009 06:46
Wakatobi - Photo Album
Independence day celebrations at Wangi Wangi
Marching 1Marching 2
There were three days when we experienced the Independence Day celebrations in Wangi Wangi and these featured mainly marching.  Being enthusiastic supporters the yachties offered to join in and were accepted with much appreciation.  Little did we realise that it was 7 kilometres of marching taking some two hours in the blazing sun.  Nor were we well rehearsed and the best way of describing us was a rather bizarre Dad's army.   We couldn't get our left, right, lefts in time for very long but the halting was a comedy cartoon act where we concertinaed into each other.  We were told later that it was shown on TV that night and the uncle of the person telling us apparently was crying with laughter.   Hmmmm!
The yachties
The fleet is in and preparing to march.
A little bit of EnglandA school group, part of the parade.
Day 3 featured the main celebration on the football pitch.  We were given honoured seats and here we see the crew from Troubadour, Stuart and Annabelle, a little bit of England, sitting next to the girls' choir.  The second photo shows a boys' school, part of the parade, where discipline is just beginning to weaken.  It was a long wait in the sun.
Preparing to raise the flagPart of the parade
1.  Presenting the colours to be raised
2. Two of the marching groups' majorettes, beautifully attired high stepping lasses but I kept thinking of pantomime characters such as Dick Whitington from Puss in Boots.
A trip out and about
Harvesting the seaweedDrying the seaweed
On taking a tour around Wangi Wangi we stopped to photograph seaweed harvesting and drying.  This is a new industry started some 7 years ago.  The seaweed is used in cosmetics.
Simple pleasures of a hoop..........or tree climbing
We visited a site where a small resort is being built.  As ever we were accompanied by the kids.  Their toys are not many and the simple hoop from old bicycle tyres or simply climbing a tree are part of their pleasures.
Little Venice?
We visited this village near the market in Wangi Wangi where the houses are built round canals, the whole influenced by the tides.
Our restaurant and dinghy dockNew parasol
1. Our restaurant, dinghy dock and home space on Wangi Wangi
2. Timo and Linda row home to their yacht Sisu, Linda displaying her new parasol bought at Wangi Wangi market.
On to Hoga
We eventually left the pleasures of a fairly active life on Wangi Wangi for a bit of a rest on Hoga.  There is very little on Hoga besides a research centre described in the blog, a very small resort and restaurant and a small dive centre.  Gertrude, a lovely Dutch lady, runs the dive centre and has lived on the island for 15 years.
Restaurrant on the beachOpen air cinema
1. The pleasures of dining on the beach.  2. And even cinema on the beach