Photos from Fiji

JJMoon Diary
Barry and Margaret Wilmshurst
Tue 22 Jul 2008 03:54
Big boats and small boats!
Alvei is a 3 masted tops'l schooner.  We have come across her on several occasions.  The first was when there was an alert on the VHF and a rescue plane was sent out to search for her as she headed for New Zealand last November.  In fact Alvei was not in any sort of trouble - she is just very slow and had her radio switched off.  This year she came up to Fiji from New Zealand at about the same time as us.  We took what we considered a normal time of 8 days; Alvei took 40 days!  You know when she arrives as her "new" diesel engine has this very loud throb that resounds off any rocky peninsular in the area.
And the smallest!
Carina from Hungary
We have all grown very fond of this boat Carina which we first saw in the Galapagos.  She is skippered single handed by Adam, a young Hungarian.  She is just 19ft long.  As Mags realises this is smaller than her own boat on lake Geneva and yet Carina has ventured across oceans.  Brave; foolish; bold? 
Below is a picture of Vuda Point Marina.  It comprises a circular basin and is a very pleasant stopping point.  Almost all of us that visited here got seduced by her charms. 
Vuda Point Marina
Vuda Point has all the features that make a good marina including a small well run shop, fuel berth, two hoists, a small chandlers, and in addition, a nice quiet resort hotel just through the gate with a swimming pool and beauty parlour.  (Now you see how one can be seduced!)  However, it is a serious marina and is a good spot to, with fingers crossed, wait out the cyclone season.  Here below is a boat in its hurricane hole, well tucked in just in case.
Prepared for any weather
In the last blog Barry talked about the coincidence of discovering a boat in Fiji that he had sailed for a weekend in England 30 years ago.  This photo shows Barry meeting John the new owner of Ondarina on the first occasion.  We later discovered that John had just lifted her from her cyclone hole and had not yet sailed her.  Barry could give him encouragement that he had bought a good boat that sails well.
Ondarina, 30 years on
The real Fiji.  Enough of boats, here are some pictures of Fiji. 
The market, Lautoka
The market place at Lautoka.
The sugar cane trainTrucks of sugar cane queuing to deliver their goods.
On the left a sugar cane train and on the right trucks queueing to unload their cargo of sugar cane at the factory.
Back to boats!  Do we dare show you how sometimes one's laundry gets displayed to all!
Washing day at Vuda Point marina
And more seriously. we thought it quite a coincidence that these three boats landed up side by side - all three members of the Ocean Cruising Club.  They are from left to right Halo from Hayling Island, Scorpio, a Finnish boat and our very own JJ Moon.
3 OCC boats together by chance
Off to the islands.
New dinghy, beached on coral as the tide goes out!
Our new dinghy beached on a deserted coral island as the tide goes out.  JJ Moon in the background.
Rush hour in Blue Lagoon.  The back packers have arrived.
Rush hour in Blue Lagoon as the back backers arrive.
And lastly, an idyllic beach.  It was a glorious anchorage.... except for the roll!