Dag Fem: The Azores to Torreveija, Spain

Bo Westman
Sat 9 Jun 2012 00:16
37.40.961N / 016.54.269W
Hej alla!
Allt är bra on Felicia.  Idag was warmer than the dagar before.  The winds died down by early eftermiddag, so we put the engine on.  We have made ett hundra tjugo nio nm in the last tjugo fyra timmar.  We hope to get some more wind soon and be sailing again!
Idag has been very uneventful.  The highlight is that it was shower dag for both of us, so we are now both feeling refreshed and smelling good!  We also spent an timme or so polishing up Felcia so she is feeling refreshed and smelling good as well.
We have made almost sex hundra nm since we left Horta and are over half way to Gibraltor, with less than fem hundra femtio nm to go.  We both are starting to look forward to our first öl when we arrive!
We anticipate arriving in Gilbraltor in about fyra dagar with about tre more after that to Torreveija.  However, we have not decided if we will stop or not in Gibraltor, but we should be it that area in about fyra dagar.
Tusen tack as always for the SMSs.
That is all for now my vänner!
Hej då alla!
Captain Bozz and Jazz