Dag Sjutton: Caribbean to the Azores

Bo Westman
Mon 21 May 2012 23:04
36.55.937N 034.14.930W
Hej alla!
First a quick note to Vivian from the Boz:
Till Vivi: Vi hoppar över Flores eftersom det verkar bli busväder o åker direkt till Horta. Vi stannar väl någon dag o fortsätter ev till någon annan ö, men fortsätter sedan till Spanien. Förhoppningsvis är vi i hamn någon gång under tisdagen, så vi kan höras senast på onsdag. Ha de. Hälsa mammorna o Molle.
Igar I forgot to mention that there was a momentous occasion as Felicia passed her 20,000nm mark.  To mark this achievement, we had a shot of rum (of course we did!) and toasted Felicia's accomplishment along with many of her many guests over the last tolv år. 
Boss man had a busy dag idag as he filled the tanks with the containers of spare deisel. We had some nice winds starting in the early morgon so Freddy and the Boss put up the sails and turned off the motor.  Idag was a beautiful dag and we had strong winds hela dagen, going at sex knots per timme.  The winds have been great but the going has been a bit rocky at times, but we are having a bra time!
We made ett hundra tolv nm in over the last dag and have less than tre hundra to go to the Azores.  Freddy has estimated that we will be in Horta in femtio timmar and I estimated Femtio ett timmar.  Captain Bossy Pants didn't want to play :-(
So now the timmar countdown has begun and we are all dreaming about how nice that first cold öl will taste when we arrive in Horta after nitton or so dagar of sailing!
For dinner we ate at Seniore Federico's Italian Pasta Shack and we all enjoyed Seniore Federico's Special Spaghetti Bolognaise.  We then finished that up with some fruit cocktail for desert.  It was utsökt.
Boss and I briefly saw a couple dolphins this morgon before they swam away.
Well that is about all for this bloggen.
Hej då alla,
The Felicia Crew