Andra och tredje dagen mot Azorerna

Bo Westman
Sat 12 May 2012 19:29
22:52.340N 059:37.917W
Life on Felicia after two weeks with two Swedish guys from an American perspective:
I arrived in Antigua from London two weeks ago yesterday. After making my way to Jolly Harbour, I saw a familar face coming towards me as I looked at the yachts in the marina. I had never seen Bosse in person but I did recognize his face from his findacrew account photo.  We introduced ourselves and soon I met our third sailor Fredrik.  
That was April 28th, which was also my first night on Felicia, a lovely 42 foot nauticat with teak woodwork.  After arriving on Felicia, I was shown my room and soon had a meal and a beer in my hand. Life is good hanging with the Swedes!!
The next day we were off to Sint Maarten, a 10 hour sail away.  Along the way, we caught a 1 metre long, 8kg tuna.  Fred (I often call Fredrik by many nicknames, including Fred, Freddy, Fast Freddy, Fredmeister and even Loverboy as he talks a lot about his girl back home) and I cut up the tuna which would become dinner for many a night for all of us on Felicia.
Once in Sint Maarten, trouble started brewing: first we missed our rendevouz with our 4th sailor, followed by problems with the generator and charger.  Just when we thought we had it all sorted out, we found a huge rip in the main sail while on our way to the St. Martin (the French side) on the other side of the island.  So we had yet another drama to deal with.  Fortunately, we found a terrific sail maker who fixed the sail in less than 2 days. 
During our extended time waiting in St. Martin/Sint Maarten, we all had a few too many beers(is that possible?) and went to McDonalds too many times for the free wifi and fattening burgers. But we also had the chance to see a colourful Festival with lots of street dancing by local people in costume.  This was quite entertaining especially the local ladies wearing costumes a bit too small for their size while shaking their rather large backsides violently! We also visited the remains of the late 18th century Fort St. Louis on the French side.  So not all was lost during our extended stay in St. Martin/Sint Maarten.
Freddy and I did some final grocery shopping when the Boss told us that the watermaker was not working.  Fortunately, the Bossman (I have a few nicknames for Bosse as well like Bossman, Boss and the Boz) found the elusive magic red button that made all things right in the universe, including starting the watermaker!
Feeling like there was some dark cloud hanging over us at St. Martin/Sint Maarten, on May 10th, after 12 days, we finally made our exit towards the wide blue stetch of water called the Atlantic Ocean!  We all gave the Captain( a small statue adorning the interior of Felicia) a short rub down with a secret wish, followed by a ceremonial shot of rum.  If all went well, we hoped to see land again in about 2.5 to 3 weeks.
We made good progress the first couple days when the wind died on us and then the rains started up again.  Then we hit a lightening storm.....With the Boz showing us how the emergency kit worked and sparks of lightening flashing in the skies all around us, it was at this time I was hoping the Captain took my wish from a couple days earlier seriously!
I must also add that the guys have been very good in talking and explaining things to me in English or a mixture of English and Swedish, which I affectionately call 'Swenglish'.  I have learned at least two dozen words so far in Swedish although Fredmeister tells me I sound like a drunken Swede when I attempt to speak Swedish!  Well, I can't have that so I'll have to continue practicing!
Well that is all for now from Felicia.  There seems to be another storm brewing and I have to now close this blog entry. 
Tusen Tack for reading my story!
Hej då