Dag Tolv: Caribbean to the Azores

Bo Westman
Mon 21 May 2012 23:29
33.57.230N 046.40.150W
Hej alla!
Let me start by explaining the SMS situation here on Felicia.  The Big Bossman prepaid for a limited number of SMS minutes, of which this bloggen takes up about 4 minutes per day, even though it doesn't take that long to send the bloggen.  Funny how that works! 
Anyway, SMS for you to send to Felicia is free but we need to save our SMS minutes to send the daily bloggen and in case there is an emergency.  So due to a limited amout of SMS minutes for us to send, we have not sent SMSs.  We do receive the SMS's you send to us and we thank all our fans for these SMSs.  So we hope all of our fans out there accept out deepest apologies for not sending any SMSs.  However, we will try to address any SMS's received with this daily bloggen.  Tusen tack for your understanding on this situation.
This hasn't been the most productive dag for miles as we only achieved 91nm idag.  Last natt, the winds were seemingly going in circles and we had to tack Felicia a couple times in darkness and rain, which wasn't a lot of fun.  Today, we had the same 'circle wind' delimma.  We were motor-sailing but decided that it was better to make a more direct course if we just take down the sails, put on the motor and head directly towards the Azores.  This way, we avoid the zig zag course we were on.  Hopefully, the wind will become more cooperative in tomorrow. 
The good thing about putting the motor on, is that we can put the music on as well  Presently, it is the 60s timme which may be followed by the disco timme, the reggae timme, heavy metal timme, etc. 
So Felicia has become a rocking boat in every sense of the word.  Felicia rocks back and forth across the atlantic as we keep the tunes a coming!  Freddy doesn't seem to excited at the music selection as he went to his room to listen to his own tunes :(  Anyway, I hope alla has a good visual of what is going on in the middle of the Atlantic on Felicia!
The dolphins paid us another visit idag, but only about fem of them this time.  They only stayed a few timmar as they seemed to have gotten bored with us :(  Maybe they didn't like the music selection either!
So we have about 909nm to go to the Azores and we hope to be there in sju (I will never be able to pronounce 7 in Swedish) to åtta dagen, if all goes well.  That should put an ice cold öl in each of our hands on the 29th or 30th.
Tack to all our fans for reading this bloggen!!
"..........and her name is G.....L....O.....R.....I......A......Gloria!!!!  I,m goin to shout all night....Gloria!!!!! "
Keep rocking mina vänner!!!!
Hej då,
The Felicia Crew