Day 4 on the atlantic ocean

Bo Westman
Sun 13 May 2012 15:41
24.41.148N 058.43.782W
Hej alla!
I hope all is well with alla. 
I have great news!!!  Bosman promoted me to Editor of the Felicia Blog!!!!!  yippee!!!!!  I have proudly accepted this most prestigous position.  If only my parents could see me now, they would be so proud!!!!  Unfortunately for all of you, that means the blog will be in English and some Swenglish as well. 
Today didn't start out very well as the winds died on my shift early this morning, so I made the 'executive' decision to put on the engine as we were only going at about 1nm.  The problem was that I forgot that I needed to rotate the engine knob back counterclockwise to stop the horrible 'eeeeeeee' noise that arises once you start the engine.  Frantically, I had to wake up Fast Freddy who remedied the situation quickly but not before poor Boz was awakened by all the noise.  Both Freddy and Boz didn't look too happy with me about  that, but I am thankful to say that I didn't get thrown over-board.  These Swedes are a forgiving people, nothing like the Vikings of long ago!!
The winds picked up a bit in the late morning and we have been cruising at almost 5nm per hour for the last 24 hours.  Our position at 1730EST was 24.41.148N and 058.43.782W.
Allt Är bra on Felicia.  Det Är soligt. 
We picked up a hitch-hiker was a small flying fish!  The Boss tried an old american tradition of peanut butter and banana on a cracker and he seemed to enjoy it.  At least he smiled and said 'yummy!'. 
Today was laundry day for the Boz and Fredmeister.  Unfortunately for me that meant that I had to look at Freddy's colourful underwear hanging from the back of the boat all day when I was on my shift! 
Well that is all the stories I have to tell today.  Freddy has just finished our dinner of spaghetti bolognaise and I need to go eat before it is all gone!
Hej do alla!