Dag Ett: The Azores to Torrevieja, Spain

Bo Westman
Mon 4 Jun 2012 23:45
Hej alla!
The Big Bossman and I are cruising along nicely here doing over sex nm per timme since we left Horta at tio this morgon.  Det är soligt! We are going quite fast, often topping sju nm in an timme.  In the first sju and a half timmar, we did fyrtio tre nms.  The reasons for our increased speed:
    1. We have great winds, often in excess of tjugo knots per timme, sometimes topping trettio
    2. We have fairly calm seas,
    3. The boat is a bit lighter as Freddy is no longer aboard :-).
We saw a dolphin jump out of the water today very near to Felicia but since it was only ett dolphin we were not that impressed as it takes tjugo or more dolphins to impress us these dagar.  Yes, we are very spoiled.  We also saw a baby turtle.
We did spend en vecka in Horta.  After the first dag, we seemed to have scared off our French neighbors.  Then some friendly Americans showed up, announcing their presence with loud voices and shouting.  Luckily for us (and them), they got rid of the loudest one of them after a dag or so.  Then some young Norweigens showed up who seemed to make multiple trips across the bow of Felicia each kväll as they couldn't make up their minds whether to stay on their boat or continue partying until the wee timmar of the morgon.  We also meet up with två swedish guys who we originally met in Sint Marteen, who also made it across the Atlantic. 
I put on my very limited artistic skills and painted Felicia's logo along with the names of all who have crossed the Atlantic aboard here since 1996.  My apologies for the hodge-podge job I did, especially with alla name as I seemed to run out of room.  Captain Bossy Pants has a photo that I am sure he will show you all when we arrive in Torrevieja in Spain
While in Horta, we did some shopping, got some maintenance done on the Felicia's engine (women are so high maintenance!!), hung out for a bit and drank a lot of beers.  The weather was not that good, so we didn't do much else.
We had dinner tonight at Captain Boss Hog's Pork Ranch.  We had Captain Boss Hog's Special pork loin and pomfrits.  It was utsökt!!
Well väneer, that is all for this first bloggen.  Captian Bossy Pants and I appreciate any SMSs you may send to us!
Hej då alla.
Captian Bossy Pants and Jazz