Dag nio: Caribbean to the Azores

Bo Westman
Sun 13 May 2012 15:20
32.52.248N 052.47.117W
Hej alla!
We had bra winds idag and made bra progress eastward as we have now caught the easterly winds.  We are quickly approaching the half way point of our trip to the Azores, and in fact, i morgon may well be the half way point.  We made 121nm idag and in total 1056nm since we left St. Martin with about 1220nm left to go.  If we continue at 5kts per timme, we will arrive in the Azores in 10 dagar.
We had our fishing line out hela dagen but it seems the fish did not like our bait. 
We have been on starboard tack since we left St. Martin and have only used the engine for approximately tjugo sex timmar.
Jazz went for a refreshing swim in the Atlantic Ocean and survived the experience! 
Igår the big bossman changed the oil and oil filter in the diesel generator.  The bossman always enjoys his visit to the sauna (engine room), so he took an extra long time to do his work down there.
Freddy made us some chicken fajitas and they were utsökt!!
Please send us a sms to let us know if you received this bloggen.  Tack.
That is all for idag.
Hej då alla,
The Felicia Crew