Dag Nitton: Caribbean to the Azores

Bo Westman
Mon 21 May 2012 23:27
Hej alla!
Under the astute leadership of our Captain Bossy Pants, we arrived in Horta at 21:15.  Alla arrived safe and in bra health. 
After nitton days on the sea, we were very excited to finish the journey that we started!  Seeing land after almost tre weeks was surreal!  With the eyes of an eagle, the Big Bossman was the first to spot land through the clouds. 
Idag started with rain and cold weather.  The dag then warmed up and the sun made a brief appearance before again disappearing in the eftermiddag.  We made excellent time idag and covered ett hundra fyrto nio nm.  We  used the canvas sails as well as the iron genoa to get here! 
The Atlantic Dolphin Dance:  Idag we had probably the best dolphin experience I have ever had.  I would say at least tjugo fem dolphins visited us on Felicia idag.  They weaved and bobbed around the boat and jumped out of the water many times. Several looked up at us as if to say hi and we could hear them communicating to each other.  Cowboy Freddy was making dinner and could hear them best of all.  It was really an amazing time!!!  I stood at the far front of the bow and weaved myself back and forth as over femton dolphins below me weaved back and forth with me. It was the Atlantic Dolphin Dance!!
After saying bye to the dolphins, we enjoyed the finest dining possible at Cowboy Freddy's Pork House. We were treated to Cowboy Freddy's Special Pepper Pork Chops.  The dish came with rice and veg and it was absolutely utsökt.  Let me just say that Cowboy Freddy is an amazing chef.  I am sure Papa Cowboy Freddy and all of Cowboy Freddy's family and his väneer are very proud of him! 
After dinner, Captain Bossy Pants lead us into harbour with his astute skills and leadership as he has displayed the entire nitton dagar at sea!  It has been a pleasure to be at the Captain's side and to learn from him.
We are presently under anchor drinking as much booz as humanly possible to celebrate this momentous occasion!!!  We started with a shot of rum to celebrate our safe arrival.  We then made our way to the wine and now we are scavaging all that we can find on Felicia....tequila, brandy, etc mixed with whatever we can find!!!  Yes, we are having a party on the Felicia that the whole harbour is jealous of!
Since we arrived after harbour closing, we were unable to get a berth and are instead, anchored a mere sjuttio metres from the shore.  Captain Bossy Pants decided it was too much of a hassle to untie the dinghy and go  to shore this kväll. 
We tried dinghy hitch-hiking for a while but for some reason, we didn't get a ride.  So as a result, we decied to party here on Felicia this kväll while looking out to the sights and sounds of habitation that has evaded us over the last nitton dagen.
Cowboy Freddy wants to tell Papa Cowboy Freddy that he is all set with everything and will ring him imorgon.
So as we rock to the Backyard Babies and drink whatever alcohol we can find on Felicia, we all want to say to you that we have made it!!!  We send alla tusen tack for your support and SMSs. 
I need to get back to the party so I must say a hej då to alla!
The Felicia Crew