Dag Sexton: Caribbean to the Azores

Bo Westman
Mon 21 May 2012 23:14
36.18.898N 036.27.117W
Hej alla!
Allt är bra on Felicia!  Tusen tack to alla for your prayers to the wind gods.  We had nice wind for about a dag and a half, before they tailed off.  Now we have the engine back on and headed to the Azors with less than fyra hunda nm to go and we expect to be there within tre dagar.  We did hundra tjugo sex nm idag. 
Now, who made happy with the rain gods because the sky here has opened and it has been raining and quite cold this eftermiddag? In addition, the winds started to swirl a bit and we had to tack tre times within an timme before the winds died down to less than 10kts.  So basically after several dagar of relaxing easy sailing and motoring days, we had a very busy eftermiddag!!
After setting our course and putting on the engine, we all dried off and went out to Senior Federico's Tex-Mex Restaurant once again and Senior Federico did not disappoint.  We all had the Special meat and veggie burrito and it was utsökt!
Alla here on Felicia want to again give a big tusen tack for all the SMSs we have received this dag and a special tusan tack to Papa Freddy for giving us the useful information on Flores Island. Freddy also wants to tell his Papa that he only needs his PIN code and not the PUK code.  Freddy will also give a call to his Papa when he arrives in the Azores and when he has reception on his mobile phone (but only after he has had a well deserved ice cold öl). 
Other than that, the dag was fairly uneventful...no Atlantic Ocean bucket chasing and no swimming with the Portuguese man of war for us idag!
Freddy is now on watch and doing his Soduko and the Big Bossman has went to sleep and that is where yours truely will be heading shortly.
Tack for reading and hej dä alla!
The Felicia Crew