Dag Tre: The Azores to Torreveija, Spain

Bo Westman
Thu 7 Jun 2012 00:22
Hej alla!
Idag was a pretty easy dag.  We had nice winds last natt so it made for good sailing and sleeping for the person not on watch and easy for the person on watch.  We saw a large container ship in the distance, the first ship we have seen since we left Horta almost tre dagen ago. 
The winds started circling a bit idag and becoming lighter so that we could not make our course effeciently and calmly, so have had the engine on for much of idag.
We made ett hundra tjugo fyra nm idag, which is just over fem knots per timme.  We have approximately åtta hundra to go to Gibraltor, so we should be there in a vecka or so. 
Idag was laundry dag for the Bozz and if it is soligt again imorgon, then I will do some laundry also. Although it is a bit cold for this at the moment, maybe imorgon will be shower dag as well. 
We are SMS deficient at the moment, so a few SMSs would be appreciated as Bo and I are getting bored with each other and need some words from home to spice up the dag!  Tusen tack!!
Hopefully Bosse makes some dinner soon as I am hungry!!!  Got to go now.
Hej då alla!
Captain Bosse and Jazz