Dag Femton: Caribbean to the Azores

Bo Westman
Mon 21 May 2012 23:17
35.57.874N 039.03.273W
Hej alla!
Allt är bra on Felicia.  At the moment, det är molnigt. 
We made 136nm idag, leaving 516nm to the Azores.  Idag we had a chance to actually sail for the first time in a few dagar as the wind gods finally answered our prayers and gave us over tretton knots of wind, which was good enough to have a nice eftermiddag sail!  And to think we didn't even have to make a human sacrifice----lucky me!! 
So we turned the engine off and started to sail this eftermiddag and that was very exciting!!  The winds are much lighter now but we see dark clouds on the way and hopefully that means even more wind!!!
Freddy was really lucky this morning as he saw dolphins once again and he said that one jumped high out of the water near to Felicia! 
Today afforded a chance to get a shower and do some laundry.  Unfortunately while doing my laundry, I lost grip of the bucket and off it went into the ocean.  Captain Boz turned the boat around and we went back to the floating bucket, but by the time we arrived, it started to sink.  Since conditions were quite calm, I decided to make a first class Olympic dive into the ocean and retrieve the bucket as it was sinking. 
On a scale from 1 to 10, Bo gave my dive a .2 and Freddy a .1, so I don't think I have any future in Olympic diving! :-) Bo and Freddy are really tough judges, as I thought I'd at least get a 3 or 4. 
Anyway, after retrieving the bucket from the depths of the Atlantic, I tried to swim around to Felicia to get back on board.  I noticed Bossman was taking his time getting into position to pick me up.  I started to think that ¨Boss was contemplating if he should pick me up or not.  I think he was weighing the plusses and minuses in his mind:
    "If I don't pick up Jazz, there will be more porridge for Freddy and me!!  But on the other hand, Freddy and      I will have to do the daily bloggen.....hmmmm...such a hard decision to make!!!" 
Fortunately for me, doing the daily bloggen won out and was enough to convince the Bossman to save me!   In the future, I'll make sure to tie the bucket with a rope before I do my laundry. 
Thanks again for the SMSs you have sent to us!
Well that is about all from Felicia for idag.
Hej då alla,
The Felicia Crew