Dag Fyorton: Caribbean to the Azores

Bo Westman
Mon 21 May 2012 22:51
35.17.247N 041.43.329
Hej alla!
The wind gods did not bring us any wind idag so we had the engine on dagen.  We awoke to a glass-like sea state, more like a lake than an ocean.  No wind and very little waves.  These conditions are perfect for motoring and as a result we motored 148km in the last tjugo fyra timme.  We now have 652nm to go to the Azores and should be there in fyra to fem dagar, assuming we keep the same pace.  It may be sex dagar if we slow down a bit.  However, the countdown to our arrival at the Azores has officially begun!
The calm sea state did allow us to clean the boat a bit, keep the tunes rolling dagen (since the engine was on) and work on our beautiful tans!!  The sun was out dagen, giving us a gorgeous dag to enjoy. 
We briefly saw a whale idag, which I originally mistook for två birds!  I guess I need to get my eyes examined as I can't figure out how två birds can resemble a whale.  But anyway, the whale submerged and we never saw him again :-(
We also saw saw a turtle floating in the water and hardly moving.  Upon closer inspection, the poor little fella looked like he lost one of his hind legs and was dying.  It was a bit sad to see the poor guy just floating and not swimming away and submerging as we approached.  Maybe he was hit by an engine propeller :-( . 
Chef Freddy gave us a surprise at dinner in the form of jello for desert, yummy!
Most exciting is that Captain Bossy Pants invited both Freddy and me for a visit to the sauna!!!!  He just showed us where to click over the diesel tanks when one of the tanks gets dry, so our visit only last about 20 seconds, but it was great to have a short sauna!!  Maybe next time we can get some VIP passes and stay a little longer.
We received the SMSs from earlier today and thanks for that.  Now we have an SMS request for Vivian at the end of this bloggen. 
Till Vivi: Kan du kolla om hamnen Porto das Lajes på ön Flores i Azorerna är en lämplig hamn att ligga i. Den information jag har är gammal, förhoppningsvis kan den ha byggts ut. Det ska vara den vackraste av öarna. Du kan SMSa vad du kommit fram till. /Bosse
That is all for now.
Hej då alla,
The Felicia Crew