Dag Ärton: Caribbean to the Azores

Bo Westman
Mon 21 May 2012 22:49
37.39.736N 031.43.246W
Hej alla!
Early this morgon, Bo and Freddy took down the foresail as we didn't have enough wind and since we were sailing goose wings with the wind from abath, both sails were getting back wind over the waves. 
We made good speed idag going in excess of  fem kts per timme.  We did ett hundra tjugo nio nm idag.  We put the engine back on in the eftermidddag as the winds died down again and we couldn't make our course.
Since the engine is on, we had a chance to listen to some tunes on the CD player.  Alla went to bed already so I've been jammin' out to some Ozzy!
We have about ett hundra trettio nm to go and we should be there in the kväl.  We will let you know when we arrive. 
The first person to site land gets a shot of rum!!!  We haven't told Captain Bossy Pants about that yet, but if he doesn't agree, then we might just have a mutiny on the Felicia!!!
Tusen tack again for the SMSs.
There really isn't much else to tell you all. Allt är bra!
Hej då.
The Felicia Crew