Dag Tretton: Caribbean to the Azores

Bo Westman
Mon 21 May 2012 23:36
34.39.35N 044.23.85W
Hej alla!
It's official: I have missed my return flight to the UK! 
Alla and allt är bra on Felicia.  We have just finished our dinner at Senior Frederico's Tex-Mex Restaurant as we were in the mood for Mexican food ikväll.  We all had the Senior Frederico's Atlantic Ocean Special: Chicken and vegetables with taco seasoning and some of Senior Frederico's secret herbs and spices, all over a layer of rice...yum yum!!  It was utsökt!  If any of you are able to visit Felicia, I highly recommend Senior Frederico's Tex-Mex Restaurant as a choice of fine Tex-Mex cuisine. 
We are now enjoing reggae hour on Felicia.  We have had the engine on dagen as there has been only fem to tio knots of wind idag. 
We awoke imorse to the engine making some funny noises and sounding like it was struggling a bit, so Captain Bossy Pants went down in the sauna and changed the filter making all things on Felicia better.  Originally Captian Bossy Pants invited me to help him in the sauna and I was real excited that the Boss invited me to the sauna.  However, the Bossman was able to handle allt himself.  As a result, I again missed out on a visit to the sauna :(
However, we used the revival of the engine as an excuse to have another round of rum shots, so that was a big bonus for all of us!
Since we have been wind-deficient for a few dagar now, we are requesting all our fans out there to say some prayers to the wind gods to bring us some wind!!!  We have enough desiel to get to the Azores, so there is no problems there, but it is much more fun and less expensive if we can use the wind as opposed to the desiel! 
We saw a ship last natt and another again idag. The ship idag was a huge container ship.  We also saw a couple buoys idag floating around in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, which was a bit odd.  
In addition, we saw some Portuguese Man of War jelly fish, the most poisonest jelly fish in the world.  We stayed clear of them! I did try to talk Freddy into taking a swim with these Portuguese Man of War, but he declined showing how smart a young fella he really is!!
We are now less than 800nm from the Azores and we should be there in about a week.
We didn't receive any SMSs today and we want to encourage all our fans out there to please send us some SMSs since receiving a SMS is always a highlight of the dag.  We will let you know in the bloggen when we receive your SMS.
Well, that is about all the news I have for you on Felicia today.
Hej då alla
The Felicia Crew