Dag åtta: Caribbean to the Azores

Bo Westman
Sun 13 May 2012 15:19
31.42.06N 054.47.6W
Hej alla!
Idag was soligt, although again, it is getting cooler.  We stayed on starboard tack all dag and just sailed closest to the wind that we could.  We have reached the point where the winds have moved from north-northeast to east now and so we are headed more directly east to the Azores.  If all goes right, we should be there in about elva dags.
Bo caught another flying fish 'hitch-hiker' today.  This one was about 15 centimetres.  We had the fishing line out all day without any luck except we caught somebody's plastic bag! 
There really is nothing else to tell. 
Hej då alla,
The Felicia crew