Biscay Berties' Birthday Message

Steve Powell
Fri 20 Sep 2013 08:56

Hi Guys
Well it's me again, at last, on my birthday and what a birthday it has been so far..... I don't think!!!!!  I will tell you what's happened today a little later. But first I have to say I'm sorry I haven't put paws to paper yet but the mistress has been a bit naughty in not helping me. She's always saying you don't get the help like you used to, well you don't get the mistresses like you used to either!.

So first of all we are now in Paxos, the mistress and master promised that the three of us would go for a little adventure with lots of walks, ball throwing and swimming in the sea. Perfect. We have a week before Lucie and Will join us. Can't wait for that, Will really knows how to throw a ball.

Well about five o'clock this morning, we were all woken up with a load thud. I am back in my cabin again, not on the mistresses bed which I much prefer. Hello what's that all about, their bed is so much more comfortable. They keep telling me I'm a dog and should sleep in the dog bed, Wrong!!!

Well back to the dramas. The boat had slipped its anchor in the early hours, we had drifted unbeknown to us, a long way and onto rocks. I just saw the master rushing up top with no cloths on, need I tell you more!!! The mistress rushed passed in her pajamas putting on her sweater back to front. Now the good bit the story is she put me back on their bed, that's more like it after all it is my birthday. Well them up on deck had to get the anchor in again and get us out of a pretty tricky dangerous situation, the mistress who was taught by Bottie on how to do anchor, went swiftly into action. She's just not the galley slave now!! It was all a little tense for awhile but I was OK snoozing on their bed.

All was OK and of we went to find somewhere else, or so I thought. But all I kept hearing was the skipper shouting “We should stand offshore until the storm dies down”. That’s all very well but what about my birthday walk and the most important thing was for me to get of to do my business. I know I never told you if I had achieved that or not and left a lot of dogs friends with there legs crossed thinking about it. Well I can now wee on board, always on the same rope nearly, I can also do “the business” but don't want to do it to often otherwise they won't take me for walks!! Well we went to another bay, anchored up, rib put in the water, things looking very hopeful now. Birthday breakfast mentioned so obviously a big bone or something for me. Wrong!! Why do they change there plans, rib is taken out the water, I'm sulking now. Then of we go again back to Corfu where the waters calmer, so I'm having to wait again and all I can say is its not a very exciting birthday. The mistress said I'm lucky as we spent 16 hours in the car on her birthday getting back from Belfast. Not my problem was it, I had to go in the kennels on the boat so it was pay back time.

So much has happened in between. Other people came out, we went from Majorca to Minorca to Corsica, Naples , Capri, Stromboli, Sicily, and onto Malta. We all went back to England for five weeks, me back and forth to the vets before I could fly, had more worming tablets and checks in six days than in all of three of my years!!! Yippee I've come of age, 21 in dog years. We flew back, me in the hold. I was tickled pink when I found out that it cost more to fly me back than both the masters together, hey because I'm worth it.

Our visit back to the homeland was whirlwind tour, we first went to London to stay at Lucie and Will’s in Fulham, it was mistress Sophies graduation and they all went to that. I had a babysitter who took me to the pub. Very sensible, I thought. We went back to our holiday rental in Beaulieu, well for two weeks. Saw my friend Freda, Maisie and sisters and mum Impys and Uncle Paddington. Didn't get to see Nelson but the masters saw Leash and Nathen and Julie so they were happy, plus so many others that we had lunches or dinners with. Just got into the swing of it and of we go again, this time to Cowes where the master is racing his little elite, the mistress and I just went for the ride but had long walks and one night they kept me up partying from three in the afternoon till midnight. A dog can't do these things, need my beauty sleep. Lucie and Will were there as will was racing. Sophie couldn't come come unfortunately. The master did well after the weeks racing and came third overall. Back again to the holiday rental for a week, more catching up. Then off to Ireland to tow the Elite for more racing in Belfast. First we were going to Donegal to Mandy and Barkers house , it was so much fun. The house was great and right on the beach, I had many happy play times there're mistress said it is one of the most beautiful spots, we re there for four days then back to Belfast for the racing.we stayed with Mandy and Barker at there house there, that was fun to as I got babysat by all the girls. I was very spoilt. The mistress managed to hurt her ribs, she tor the muscle away from her rib cage, her own fault she goes a little silly when she dances, think she forgets she's very old now.

Well we went back to drop the car of and stay at Botties, then up to London to see good friends there, then back to Malta to pick up the boat from where we left it, the mistress was happy as they fixed the gas and she can cook now, well she might not be that happy. We were a month without. We had cousin Karen and friend Peter and Martin and Amanda from Elite racing. We had a little explore of Malta which was great, the driver looked after me and they net into 5D cinema telling them all the story of Malta, they said it was like being in Disneyland with rocking seats, water being sprayed at them and just fun. We sailed to Sicily and then onto the Greek islands, we went to Paxos and were there for a couple of days, then of to Corfu to drop them all of hence why ŵe are alone>

So that's all for now folks, sorry I didn't do a blog before, I got so much stick from the Irish and others for not doing one. So I might just do a few now and again.

The good news is I have done 2800 miles so now I can be a captain, yippee I might not be Captain Pugwash but Captain Bertie instead. I feel another outfit coming on from mistress Lucie, not!!!!!

Well bye for now friends,
Bertie as of Biscay Bertie and now
Captain Pugwash Bertie ( that makes me sound posh)