24 hours and holding....

Steve Powell
Wed 24 Apr 2013 08:58

Well we are now 24 hours into crossing the Bay of Biscay, in the most perfect conditions; 12- 14kts of wind with sunshine. We have Peter & Aly Lister and the Botty’s onboard. So a good crew for the crossing.

So life’s good..... Except for one little problem, despite all our efforts Biscay Bertie, still has not produced a much longed for pee.

We have built him a special pee station, Astroturf with fresh seaweed and two logs that he has already peed on but still he just looks on with total disinterest. We have another 24 hours to go, will he hold out? 48 hours without a pee seems impossible, he’s eating and drinking quite normally and is in very good spirits.

So we are now running a book onboard, when will he finally give in and pee, and where? My little seaweed garden doesn't seem to be in favour yet.

Luv to all from the middle of the Bay of Biscay

More to follow when we have our first sighting of a pee, a poop, or land, whichever comes first

Steve & the crew

24th April 2013