The Sugar Scoop Girls

Steve Powell
Sat 18 Apr 2009 18:38


Steve has spent the last week attempting to rigorously train us into a well oiled and dangerous racing machine in preparation for the ‘Oyster Regatta’ this week. Despite his best efforts, however, we were hopelessly distracted by the gorgeous sunshine and white sandy beaches of Barbuda and Green Island, and kept disappearing off to the ‘sugar scoop’ for a gin and a gossip whenever he turned his back.


Our failures as a crew were however compensated by our success at fishing; led by Boson Botty (often seen lunging and parading in the infamous ‘strap on’ even when there are no fish in sight!) , and cheered on by the melodious sound of the ‘Tuna Hakka’ we successfully reeled in several ‘Classic tunas’ and have eaten more Sashimi than is humanly possible.    

Every now and again Powelly  put on her spectacles, Dewey shuffled papers  and we all pretended to tackle our Uni work for a couple of hours, but between the banter and the giggles and Bemma’s moaning about her formidable dissertation, little has been achieved so far. However valuable life lessons have been learnt every day; Dewey read us Keats over breakfast, Princess Bemma learnt how to clean a bathroom, Powelly learnt (the hard way) not to eat burgers from dodgey street stalls at 1am, and Jessie learnt not to fall asleep in the sun with a wedgie ! However I feel we all benefitted most from this little nugget of Bean’s worldly wisdom: ‘Now girls I want you all to remember to always have something to drink before you go out drinking’
We are back in the harbour now and trying to keep out of Steve’s way while he and Ollie spit and polish the boat shiny for the ‘concourse d’elegance’ and get everything ready for racing. With the magnitude of our incompetence as crew finally dawning on us we have put the last few days to good use, plotting ways and dirty tactics to ensure we come home with some kind of medal, the most popular so far include, laying Bemma out naked on the table and covering her in sushi to distract the judges of the boat beauty pageant, putting Botty and Steve in ‘UHURU’ speedos to make us go faster, and giving an ‘eight boobie salute’ on the bow  when we cross the start line to daze the opposition. Fingers crossed !