The Horn

Steve Powell
Mon 24 Jan 2011 12:21

Well we have been safely tucked away in Porto William for the last couple of days. Time to rest, take stock and have a few beers. In the end we had perhaps one of the safest and easiest crossings we could have asked for, even as Cape Horn loomed on the horizon and everything got a little more exciting we were never really pressed. The sea state was moderate which kept everything sensible, and although the winds picked up to 30-35kts we had a very comfortable rounding.

Cape Horn looms on the horizon

We celebrate round the Horn East to West. We also sacrificed a miniature Famous Grouse to the Sea Gods.

Cape Horn, a comfortable but spectacular rounding.

The thing that really struck at the time was how much I was in awe of this particular rock. We have rounded many points, many Capes and rocks in our journey, but this one has it’s own special sense of power and foreboding, even in benign conditions. We were well past it and up the into the Beagle Channel before I relaxed. Of course, most of this comes from the stories and folklore surrounding this particular Cape, but I also sensed it’s power, it’s ability to change at a moments notice, and a peculiar feeling that it was talking to me. “I am going to let you round this time.... But next time you may not be so lucky”. Odd really, maybe I was just making it all up................. after all it is just a rock in the sea. Isn’t it?

Porto William is a pretty, almost Swiss, township on the southern most tip of Chile. It is the most southern town in the world. It is a Chilean Naval base and a jumping off point for yachts going to and from Antarctica, so you meet all kinds of interesting people and nationalities there. ‘Micalvi’, an old sunken Naval supply ship that has been turned into a bar, is the favourite meeting spot for sailors. And as everyone is there for one reason only, Antarctica, they are either on their way and listening, or on their way back and telling stories. Great atmosphere.

UHURU safely tucked up in the pretty town of Porto William.

We are now heading up to Ushuaia in Argentina to change crew, re-vital and prepare for our next leg, up the Chilean Archipelagos.

For all you Botty fans that have been missing his antics, he rejoins us shortly.

All the best

Steve & the crew.

24th January 2011